Welcome to the Orpheus & Bacchus Classical Music Festival

Are you a chamber-music lover, a wine lover, sociable, a thinker, interested in well-being? Then welcome to our Vendange Festival, founded in 1999, and since 2003 running in our own 20-acre restored former wine-estate in the Bordeaux wine region, Château du Faure.

A Special Experience, near Bordeaux France

Our venue was bought and sculpted to be an ideal venue for listening to, and performing, chamber music, eliminating all the impediments - particularly stress - to a total concentration on wonderful music that exist in even the most famous chamber music venues in the world.

At our festival all guests sleep, eat and attend concerts in a 30m radius. We provide sofas for concert seating, excellent food and wines, and guests mingle with our wonderful and sociable musicians, particularly over dinner.

This is music-lovers’ heaven!

  • Beautifully set and intimate venue

  • Wihan Quartet

  • World class musical experience

  • Relax and take in the surrounding areas

Past Artists

Stars of the future


Our passion for supporting young musicians (we have had literally hundreds staying & performing in various chamber, choral & orchestral events since 2010) now arrives at a new format: they will perform at our recent innovation of additional late-morning concerts.

These are the stars of the future, trawled from our experience of students at Cambridge University and their own contacts at England’s great music colleges. And because our taste in music goes far beyond classical there are four additional concerts that cover jazz and folk music, usually post-dinner, all with exceptional artists, of course.

Experience great wines

Fine wines and dining

Because Bacchus is important, even if you know little about wine you will come away with an insider’s knowledge and experience thanks to Contessa Petronella Salvi, our wine expert.

Wine Touring

You will have the opportunity to visit some great châteaux-and sample a 100-year-old great wine.

Enjoy your stay

Swimming pool

This year we are adding cooking, yoga and meditation classes, all designed to give you an experience for your taste that you will never forget. Not to forget we also have a 9-hole golf pitching course, tennis, boules, croquet on site.

Our aim is that you will leave invigorated, informed, exhilarated.

Life is short, what are you planning to be doing next September?